Monthly Archives: June 2011

Decisions, windows and blinds

This is our story of making lemonade out of lemons. We found ourselves out of work due to the economy. One week it was me that was a victim of downsizing and the very next week it was my wife. We were terrified on what we were suppose to do next. With a hobby farm and a house full of kids unemployment was not an option. We did not think long before we realized we are in a perfect position to start our own business. When we decided to go into business for ourselves we had several decisions to make. One of them was simple because we had the building picked out before we knew anything else. It had been empty for a while but the bones were so full of character we had to have it. We were so excited when we contacted the owner. Once we met and he found out our intentions of restoring the building he was more then happy for us to buy it. The last touch was the Vertical Blinds on the floor to ceiling windows in the downstairs waiting area. Once they were installed we were ready for our first customers and that was not a long wait. Everyone was wanting to know what all we had done so when the doors opened our first customers were standing right in front of us. It has been busy every since.

Technology, devices and unlocking

The world of technology is a fun one. I enjoy seeing what all is available and also what people are saying about it. Sources such as jailbreak unlock can let you know what is the latest and greatest which is part of the fun of technology. There is so much new technology on the market it seems there is something new every day. Something that has just come out to replace the things we bought yesterday. When I hear the worlds old technology it does not have to mean long ago it may just mean last week. Companies are always wanting to be the one with the latest and greatest devices. They have teams working diligently to better the things that they and everyone else has on the market. I read about a popular company that actually had two ideas on an upgrade for a product they had. They instead of releasing them both to the same device released one so consumers would buy it and then months later they released a new an improved with both ideas on them. Of course consumers retired the technology from months ago and invested once again into the cutting edge technology. This goes on all of the time so we will buy not just the one design but they will be able to get consumers on the second design as well. This is just business but it can be frustrating for consumers. Of course we have to remember also that these new technological advances do not come cheap. Many times they have been in the works for years before we even read about them. Somehow everyone is making the money they need because consumers are enjoying the products and companies are making more of them so it seems to be a system that works under the supply and demand code of business very well.

Countyside, travel and motorhomes

There is one really fun way to see the countryside on vacation and that is to motorhome hire london. Being able to load the family into a motor home and take off to fun locations is a truly bonding experience. We tried it one time and have been hooked every since. Taking a motor home on vacation means you always have a nice place to stay. You never have to load and unload your things on the road and if you need to take a nap all you have to do is lay down! Besides the obvious advantages you can not beat the beauty that you see when you take the on open road. The things you miss if you travel any other way are what makes a vacation special. We have spent many hours on the open road laughing and having fun. Many times we are planning our next trip as we are returning from the one we are on. When we return we feel refreshed and connected even better as a family. We do not take anything electronic with us. When we are on a getaway it is all about family and that is what makes it so special. Every family should take some reconnection time so they can have that deep bond that you get from spending time together.

Intesting and mining stocks

When it comes to the world of investing there are many options on the table. Investors have their hands full deciding what is the smartest choice for their dollars. Smart investors do their home work. For instance if you are thinking of mining stocks for one of your sources for investing then you would want to make certain they fit your portfolio as far as risks and advantages. There are many ways to protect your money as well as invest it so it will make money for you out there. My favorite type of investment is when your money works for you. It is nice to see money making money and I think everyone would agree to that. It does not matter if you are a huge investor or a smaller investor we all need to make certain our investments are safe ones. Although no one can totally predict what is an absolute safe investment there are some investments that are more sound then others. Doing your research or having a financial adviser give you advice on what may be your best choice for investing is always a smart thing to do.

Original, looking and gifts

For a long time no one wanted to be the one in charge of finding the right Corporate Gifts. It was a daunting responsibility because the people that received them expected us to give them something totally original and fun which we had every previous year. The person in charge of this project left our company and the chore was up for grabs and there were no grabbers. That meant it was assigned. true to form the task was dealt to me. I took it reluctantly. Then I found a website that specializes in these types of gifts. This is so much easier then I thought it would be. I had pictured myself running from one place to another not finding the right gifts or finding what we wanted and there not being enough of them. Now that I have found this website I can be in charge of this task every time. It certainly gives me brownie points and all I have to do is log on and choose. Now that is what I call a difficult task! If only everything were this easy.

Home, things and storage

If you go into anyone’s home there are things that they are living with that are basically being stored. Drawers that are too full and garages that have not seen a car in years. This is a sad fact but it is true. What the problem with this type of living is you do not have to live like that. Just imagine how freeing it would be to eliminate the junk and then store their things that you are wanting to keep but have no place to put them. There are storage facilities located everywhere such as the self storage edmonton units where you can put your things and they will be safe without having to live around them. It is a great way to keep your holiday items. I know people that have holiday decorations stashed throughout their homes because they have no storage room left! Change out your drawers for seasons and that will give you room for each season so you can find the clothing that you want to wear instead of choosing through a few pieces because that is all you can find. You may be surprised at what all you have and you had forgotten. Making good use of your space frees up your living space and your mind. You will be surprised with how much all of the clutter causes unnecessary stress.

Summer, moving and packing

When the summer gets here people that were thinking about moving feel that extra buzz to find a location and move. I do not know if it is the warm air or the fragrant flowers but the moving vans all crank up. In our area you can not hire a moving van to move something simple because they are all being used to relocate people. It is an exciting thing to move for us so we are excited for them. We have found our dream home now and are not going to move anymore but I do miss the days of Packing Boxes and masking tape. There is something so exciting about starting over. Especially when you are in a different location all together. We have never made a huge move but for us we moved from the city to the country and that was such a huge thing. Everything was located differently and done at a much different and constant. pace. We love it. We wanted to never loose that feeling of excitement and fear of something totally different but we did loose it. Now we just have a feeling of home and that is super nice to have as well. After all home and family is what life is all about.

time and kitchen sink replacement

When it came time to replace our kitchen sink we knew we wanted a stainless steel sink. We had our white sink for many years and fought to keep it clean every day. It just did not seem like it was a good idea to have a white sink in a working kitchen. It became one more chore to keep it looking new. Eventually we lost that battle as we knew we one day would. A stainless steel sink is a quick and easy clean. There are few things you can say that about.

Fixtures, lighting and fans

There are some truly beautiful home lighting fixtures available for homes today. I still remember the days of lighting fixtures not packing a punch in the overall look of the rooms they were in. Now they can easily become the focal point. That was the results of our home tour recently. The colors of the glass that some of the fixtures used were amazing to us. The use of metals and woods as well as the use of different types of glass kept our interests as we went from one house to the next. Some of the fixtures were so elaborate they would not be for just any space or home. Others were understated and still others were simply a work of art. Many homes used well placed pendant light fixtures for accents. We opted to change our dining room light after seeing how truly beautiful the lighting could be. Now when anyone comes into our dining room they always comment on the lighting fixture. We actually smile every time they do because it gets the attention of everyone just as it did us. The furniture we bought for our dining room we actually bought to match the lighting fixture because we loved it so much. I can say we have never done that before but when you see it you just want to show it at it’s best potential. When we turn it on it is magic. We also added ceiling fan lights to our den and game room to give those rooms that something extra.

Meetings, companies and planning

We have corporate meetings a couple of times a year. They are actually looked forward to by most of us because of the trouble that the company goes to making certain that we all enjoy it. We had to plan an event when we were a much smaller company. It took us months to get everything in order and we were not doing anything extra like they do now. I can not imagine what they have to do now to get it all together for a successful meeting. Companies like do any event planning that you need done to make your birthday party or your corporate events a success. Arrangements for a large amount of people can be difficult if you are not familiar with the best places to have events and how to organize them. After we did it that one time we now know how much planning goes into any event. I can see why companies use services to have the event planned by those that do it best.