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Fixtures, lighting and fans

There are some truly beautiful home lighting fixtures available for homes today. I still remember the days of lighting fixtures not packing a punch in the overall look of the rooms they were in. Now they can easily become the focal point. That was the results of our home tour recently. The colors of the glass that some of the fixtures used were amazing to us. The use of metals and woods as well as the use of different types of glass kept our interests as we went from one house to the next. Some of the fixtures were so elaborate they would not be for just any space or home. Others were understated and still others were simply a work of art. Many homes used well placed pendant light fixtures for accents. We opted to change our dining room light after seeing how truly beautiful the lighting could be. Now when anyone comes into our dining room they always comment on the lighting fixture. We actually smile every time they do because it gets the attention of everyone just as it did us. The furniture we bought for our dining room we actually bought to match the lighting fixture because we loved it so much. I can say we have never done that before but when you see it you just want to show it at it’s best potential. When we turn it on it is magic. We also added ceiling fan lights to our den and game room to give those rooms that something extra.

The big picture

When you look at any house one thing you notice as part of the big picture are the window treatments. You may not realize what a part the window treatments play until you have the wrong window treatments. Just the simple change of the window treatments can change the entire look of the home. When our friends changed their shades to a venetian blind the change inside and outside the home was dramatically different. It gave their home a better curb appeal then it had with the shades. It also helped them a great deal with their energy bill. The afternoon sun can play a very big role in the comfort of a room as it causes hot spots in a room. With blinds installed you can control if you want any sun in at all. You may think that blinds are much more expensive then they are. When I hear the words custom I expect a big price tag but that is not the case. You can order affordable custom blinds for your entire house at a fraction of what I have seen them other places. We have found them well worth the investment.

Heat, relief and blinds

If there is one thing that can give you relief from the blazing summer sun it is a good pair of Blinds. When we bought our home it had shades in it. The rooms would become very warm in the afternoon. Once we put blinds in all of the windows we could no longer tell how hot it was outside. You could actually feel the temperature change in the rooms immediately. That was amazing for us. Standing by the windows we could no longer feel the heat. The next shock we got was how much it actually saved us on our energy bill. Not having to fight the evening sun made a big difference in our cooling bill. Once it cooled a room the room stayed cool. We will not have a house that does not have blinds in it anymore. Even if we move we will install blinds. Especially if it faces the evening sun. We have seen people put all types of things up in their windows to fight the heat from the late day sun. From shutters to blankets in the heat battle. We saw a home that had aluminum foil covering the windows all in the battle. All they really had to do is install a good pair of blinds. I think they are easier to install then all of that foil. You can get blinds to fit any window because they are custom made. Our windows were difficult to fit because of the shape but with the custom blinds in them they look great from the inside and out. Very few things can help the look of a home from the inside as well as the outside and save on energy. It is a win win!

Design, older homes and interior

When our friends bought an older home that they said was a fixer upper they were way over selling it! This home needed to be taken down and replaced to anyone that did not see the beauty of the bones to it. When they started their project what came from the ashes, so to speak, was amazing. They truly saw what others including myself did not see. Once they got the home back in shape they hired a Top Interior Design Firm to go through each room and give it that flare that a home of this age needed. When we go to their home now we are blown away each time by how truly beautiful their home actually turned out. They have actually had people knock on their door asking to see their home because they are so amazed at how beautiful it turned out. It is a true testament to their vision to see what others could not. When we asked them if they would do it again to another home they quickly said no! They did say they would always hire designers to decorate the interior because of the vision they had that encompassed the beauty of the home.

Safety, Security and home

There are few things more important then home security. After our friends had a break in at their home they became afraid to even spend the night in their own home. If it were not for the home security system they had installed afterwards they would have sold the home that they were so proud of. This is the case for many people that have this happen to them. It is sad to think an event would cause such fear but it does on the most basic of levels. We need to feel that we are safe and our home is safe as well as all of our things are safe but most of all our family is safe. That very idea is what keeps home security higley so busy. After we bought our home we installed a home security system before we moved in partly because of what had happened to our friends. It is good to know when we are not at home our home security is watching over things for us. We were surprised at the low cost of home security especially compared to what it provides. There are also deals to be had on satellite TV. We found there are specials being offered with Direct TV saving the customers a lot of money. Since everyone I know is on a budget we are all looking for cheaper ways to do the same thing. It is a great thing to know we have a choice that offers viable options for our TV’s. We can save and we do not have to settle.

Moods, windows and rooms

There are many things you can do to a room to give it a different look. You can add some color with a few pillows or you can chance the pictures to totally change the mood of the room. Another way to change the entire room is to add blinds. There are many styles of blinds depending on your needs from vertical to Wooden Blinds. Our friends added blonds to their home and it not only changed the look of the home from the inside but it also changed the curb appeal. In one fail swoop they made a huge difference on the inside and out. There are few changes you can make that will do that! Because of the direction their windows face they notice a difference on their energy bills as well. They were not difficult to install even though they had to have them made for their windows they were also affordable. Being able to order them online is a big help as well. You can get your measurements and then have the blinds sent to your home.

Carpet, wood or tiles

There is nothing that can change the look of a room faster then the flooring. Whether it be carpet, wood or Floor Tiles it sets the mood for the room. Talking about floor tiles opens your options up dramatically. There are so many styles of tiles from the colors and the designs that are available on the tiles of today. There are so many makers of tiles that realize tile flooring has become a popular choice because of the flexibility of design potential. The patterns that you can create and the colors that you can incorporate in tile flooring is matched by no other floor covering. Tiles last a long time as well making them one of the most durable floor covering choices for today’s flooring. Tiles are not limited to the floors however, walls have their fair share of tile patterns as well. We have seen some truly beautiful patterns on homes in the home tours we go on each year. They are in different scales from grand to just enough color to give the room a punch. It is fun to decorate a room and be creative and thanks to the versatility of tiles we have more options.

Lofts and lifestyles

There are so many really great places to live in our country. For many people the choice to take up residence is Houston. There are Houston lofts available for singles or families that appreciate living the loft lifestyle. Lofts have become a very popular place to live in the past few years. They have become a place of luxury for many home buyers that are looking for open floor plans and a lot of space.

Foods, table and dinnerware

When we have a party we like to go all out. Our dinner parties consist of delicious foods and a beautiful table set with nice Dinnerware. It is a time that we like to splurge on the meal and the surroundings. When we grill out we like to have a lot of fun and the meal is only part of it. We always have something planned from swimming to badminton. We love to have family and friends over and they love to come. It is one of those guilty pleasures that we enjoy. We started doing this when a friends of ours invited us to their home for a get together. We went and ate which was nice but then there was nothing to do. Everyone talked for a little while but since we all knew each other and talked everyday there was not a lot to say. Everyone left kind of wondering off. I knew then I wanted to have a get together that had more to it. That is how it started. We then put everything in motion from buying the dinnerware to the tablecloths that match the season or event. It is as much fun for us to plan it as it is for our guests. It is funny how most people send out invitations to their parties and we get don’t forget me’s in the mail! We love it!

Home sales, foreclosures and REO

If you are like so many people that are thinking about buying a house right now there are ways you can get more home for your money by taking advantage of the Free REO foreclosures. All of the foreclosures you have been reading about are for sale. It can cost money to get the list of homes but there is a way that you can get the list of Real Estate Owned Foreclosures for free. This service is easy to use and a very useful tool in your home search. Being able to get free foreclosures will give you a list of homes that have been foreclosed on so you can lower your search and get them at a good price which gets you much more home for your money.