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Getting Beefer followers with Google Reader

Your friendly Google Reader, has accumalated some new social features recently. Good Reader is created some updates that updates that continue this push GR in the social networking area with several new social features. One of the social features of Google Reader a new section of Google Reader Trends called “Friends Trends.” Oh no we can track our friends just like their ex-wife does or the FBI. :) The Friends Trends is designed to to help you gauge how much you rely on the shared items of certain friends. You can quickly figure out whose shared blog posts and who is just filling your RSS reader with noise. This an interesting feature that Google is blending with Twitter.com, hmmmm.

Friends Trends is a tool in Google-Google reviews’s that will use the iGoogle feature that imports RSS and Instead of having to re-subscribe to every single news source in Google Reader, you can simply import all of the feeds with a few clicks. There you go Google making our lives easier. Google has also expanded the comment feature by releasing the it to all non-English Google Reader users and added the ability to share notes via Google Reader’s mobile interface. They even have come up with a video tutorial and start page for those new to Google Reader. Google Reader move towards a marrage with social media

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